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We Offer An Expanse of Technology & Data Services:

  • Web Page Design
  • Technology Training
  • Application Management
  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Content Management

“In a world of technology craze, our desire is to help clients simplify their choices and choose tools and services that meet their technical needs.  This saves them time and money!”

Sonya Y. Harris

Website Design

Gain exposure by show casing your business on the internet.  We work to gather your data and design requirements to build the site that’s right for you!

Technology Training

Learn those tips and tricks that help maximize the use of technology you already use, or get more tools that get the job done right.

Data Services

Let us help you get the most from your client, personal or business data. We analyze, normalize, report,  and leave you with tools that work seemlessly.


With 30 years in the technology industry and growing with the changes, I am positioned to help you make the best choices for tools and applications that work best for you.  Take the frustration out of all the updates and changes and let us  guide you through it. Whether it’s having us build a website for your personal or business needs, or us simplifying and managing your data and content, we’re the one for the job.  Some clients don’t know where to get started while others experience frustrations when the update made everything different.  Our strength is understanding how to simplify it and make it work for you.  That could be doing it for you, getting you started and or training you on requirements necessary to maintain.  Let’s consult to see what needs you have and how we can best help.  Don’t spend another day frustrated with how to make it work.  Give us a call today.


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Our technology offerings  will focus on 3 key area’s to help you manage these area’s.  If additional services are required, we can certainly discuss how we can best meet those needs.

Website Design

A web presence is important for any business and many personal endeavors.  Whether it’s starting the business or blogging on your favorite content, a well design website will draw the attention and audience needed. I design experiences on the web that make my clients lives better.  If you need a logo designed or modified, or marketing items with your logo, we have creative offers.  Mouse pads for the office or event mugs and wine glasses that help market your business.  Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

Data Services

Need help managing your data electronically and finding it easily? Maybe it’s managing all your client or personal content.  Whatever the need we can make things manageable.  Whether it’s building a simple database to search or using a content management tool, we can help.  We can analyze your business or data needs and run analysis reports with visuals on where you stand.  Maybe it’s an inventory system to track items or website content, let’s discuss your data frustrations, and how we can help.

Technology Training

Gain computer knowledge specific to needs, continual education with technology applications and industry changes, awareness of technology tools that work to meet your needs personally and professionally.

Our desired results is for clients to demonstrate ability to utilize various applications based on their needs, better manage data, obtain positions & advancements using improved technology awareness, and enhance business success based on technology choices, use and marketing through visual aids and web sites.   We offer group, one-on-one or virtual training.  Our training services come with support when assistance is needed.  We want you to be comfortable with all the tools you use.  Don’t give up, give us a call today.  

Our Approach

We treat each of our clients uniquely because each ones needs are different.  Our free consultation and assessment helps us gage what our clients needs are, or where they’re stuck. Do they have a web presence?  Would they like a website built by us or modifications to an existing site?  Do they have a hosting provider or would they like to locate one or use ours.  Do they need help finding and purchasing a domain name, or linking one to a site? Perhaps they need help analyzing data and tools to better manage business, or maybe have tons of Excel spreadsheet data to centralize, normalize or report on. We once had a church client that invested a lot of money in a tool they needed help using without much help from the provider. Because we understand technology we dove in to streamline processes and save the  client from losing money from that investment.  Perhaps your need is technology training or a need for someone to help manage updates and changes to the software you own.  We help you choose the best tools right out the gate.  The sky is the limit in how far and wide technology needs reach.  Our approach is to access where you are and meet the need. We hope to assess and meet your needs.  Give us a call today!

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