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Sonya Y. Harris

Entreprenuer/Published Author

 Finding The Passion To Live Your Dreams

What drives you? Look for what drives you, what makes you happy and put your whole heart into it!  Be true to yourself, and if you can’t put your whole heart into it take yourself out of it and FIND WHAT IGNITES YOU & DO THAT!!!

Life is but a moment in time that’s whisked away, often much too soon.  May you be inspired and encouraged to lead a life that makes a difference for you, your family and society as a whole.

 More About Me

I am passionate about helping people and helping them tap into their passions.  As you explore who you are and what you are meant to be, I’ll walk along side of you encouraging you and guiding you with the technology you’ll need to get the job done.

While I’ve lived in various places across the United States giving me broad cultural experiences, I consider the Dallas TX area my heart home. I’m a native of Chicago, Illinois.  The one constant in all places I’ve lived at is my passion for technology & crafting.  This business has allowed me to combine the two, using my creative and crafting side on Web designing, logos,  and business branding items, and offering my expert technical services to help people navigate an ever-changing industry to help stream line business needs and be productive.  We all need technology, but not everyone understands the why, and how behind the need.  Having managed enterprise technologies, applications and databases for the past decades, coupled with personal and business technology for small business over the years gives me a unique perspective.  I’ve worked throughout the years establishing departments and organizing practices in the legal tech industry and am passionate about best practices and how to apply the right technology to the right job. I’ve managed campaign data and a variety of different types of small businesses data and can do the same to help meet your needs.


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Published Author

About The Book

      Powers and Impressions is a book about awesome powerful encounters with the Living God!  It tells of many ways people have seen Him show up in their lives.  It reveals that the power of God is real and that God speaks to and through His people even in this day and time.

The first twelve chapters come straight from the author’s own personal encounters with the awesome power of God, in sequence of how the events unfolded in her life.  It expounds on the many impressions left behind from various situations that will never be forgotten.

The last several chapters give you the experience of others who have had powerful encounters and lasting impressions of their own. This shows that God is no respecter of persons and inspires hope that you can have powerful encounters of your own.

Each chapter unfolds from practical to enlightening adventures, as they all share with you, detail for detail, their encounters and how these encounters and lasting impressions have come to change their lives.

 Order your copy and sit back, relax and enjoy as you take part in these wonderful experiences.  You will know that His power can come to change your life too.  This will inspire you to know God, and to know Him in a close personal way.

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